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We're two gritty girls on a mission to motivate and inspire other wannabe entrepreneurs to get out there and do their thing. Here's what we believe:

  • Strong women lift each other up.

  • You don't need to work 80-100 hours a week to build a successful business. 

  • Work should be both fulfilling and enjoyable.

  • It's imperative to take risks in life and endure the uncomfortable in order to find your true potential.


Cortney has held product leadership positions at many companies, including Amazon, Brightcove, and Disney. Her undergraduate majors of Classical Piano and Electrical Engineering speak to her mission to develop her superpowers through a balance of creativity and logic, and found that a career in product management suited this quest well. She thrives on human connection, namely mentoring, customer interviews, and user experience design. She fell in love with the outdoor life when she moved to Seattle 1998 and began hiking, biking, trail running, and triathlon. In 2015, she started Northwest Energy Lab, a coaching service for endurance athletes. She continues to operate her coaching business today while pursuing her new role as a co-founder of GritLink.


The world around us holds many opportunities and obstacles; and allowing curiosity as part of your life path requires risk taking and openness to failure.  Joan’s career path provided knowledge-gaining experiences at a variety of companies, including Adobe, Microsoft, and aQuantive and several positions which eventually led to discovering a skill and passion for product management.  Joan has an underlying personal belief that we should constantly pursue knowledge and discovery, and we create a more engaged and enriched community through sharing and learning with others.  As a person with a ton of energy, she has participated in outdoor sports for years, primarily biking and running, which is basically a requirement for her to decompress while exploring trails, roads, and nature.  As a co-founder of GritLink, she is excited to combine her interests of connecting people and information with outdoor endurance activities.

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